30 thoughts on “Watch This Before You See Spider-Man: No Way Home

  1. Since i've have all the Spider-Man movies, i'll watch them all before the finale. yep, this is gonna be so spectacular.

  2. It's still not confirmed if Tobey Maguire or Andrew Garfield will be in here… It's just heavily speculated

  3. Its not a true Spider-Man cross over unless they get Reeve Carney. The actor that played Spider Man in Spider-Man: Turn Off the Dark.

  4. Okay…Answer me this…What powers Doc Oc's 'arms'? They'd require a lot of power to function and the good doctor couldn't provide enough power himself. He'd have to have an external power source. Where is he hiding it?

  5. Nobody is paying $29.99 to watch Disney Premier plus. I can’t even believe you said that. I just unsubscribed. Looper is nothing but hollywood establishment bullshit.

  6. Just because its a multiverse movie doesn't mean they are in the film.The trio has to be Doc Oc,Tom's spiderman and Dr Strange sending the villains back.

  7. Wait dr stephen strange was a neurosurgeon until his crash but then healed and tried to move on and probably mastered mind over body techniques as well and became sorcerer supreme so how does he mess this whole spell up in the recent trailers maybe cuz he's still being affected by the trauma of the crash and not fully healed mentally and maybe cuz he saw all those possible future timelines. What I'm saying is that instead of him acting a bit off and how some people are saying he's a skrull or maphfisto or maybe some other blatant theory proposed out of some whack facts maybe he's just mentally unstable and couldn't handle taking on a task so heavy.

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