26 thoughts on “Watch This Before You See The New Mutants

  1. The NM were my very first comic book romance when I was a boy. I hope they do it justice. Anya Taylor-Joy was a BRILLIANT casting choice for Magik as was Masie as Wolfsbane.

  2. Are we not even going to mention Illyana’s connection to the X-Men: her big brother Piotr Rasputin, AKA Colossus!? She’s even an old-school comic canon reason for his powers emerging, having saved her from a runaway tractor by placing his body between hers and the tractor. This activated his metal skin and mutant powers. This would be very important to connect if the X is to be introduced into the larger ‘verse!

  3. You failed to mention that both Cecilia Reyes and Sunspot are dark skinned Afro Latinos in the comics and are light skinned washed (damn near white washed) in the movie.

  4. Stop jerkin around & release this freak'n movie already! There's so much junk coming out, it'll be cool to see something different in the Mutant/X-men universe. Hopefully the movie is good & we'll see some of these characters in future MCU projects.

  5. I was so convinced that Maisie Williams was Squirrel Girl…as ..well look at her PERFECT CASTING….
    Antonia Bandares = Demon Bear

  6. Like seriously they should have already released this movie in January. They already years late on releasing cause of they stupid bs. Longer they wait on movies like this,the less interested people will be. That means it want do well. @20thCenturyFox @Marvel @Disney 🙄

  7. I've enjoyed all da xmen movies but dark phoenix was not wat I expected. Waiting 2 c wat happens n da new mutants n I always had a thngs 4 werewolves so I cnt wait 2 c wat wolfsbane look like n beast form I hope it shows more then just a glimpse of her n beast form.

  8. Dr. Cecilia Reyes has been one of my fav mutants, already hate the casting choice they made with her. Looks absolutely nothing like her

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