28 thoughts on “Watch This Before You See The Suicide Squad

  1. John Cena is an American sellout. Have him move his steroided ass to China….he speaks their language.

  2. Snarky, humourous? Shite for certain. Gunn ugly for certain. Go back to your Mum's basement James.

  3. Adding to many characters is a huge mistake. You have no emotional attachment to none. Looks like another fail from DC

  4. I think Taika Wattjti would make a good joker from the Batman animated series but in live action

  5. lol you guys think this will be great? its like they threw a handful or two of characters together with no character development and have a lame storyline.. hilarious…

  6. I know John Cena will be playing Peacemaker again in the prequel Peacemaker series for HBO MAX but I’m such a WWE fan I don’t wanna see Peacemaker die

  7. i heard John Cena was peacemaker.. but why the James Gun CGI him as a invisible man with a floating costume

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