21 thoughts on “What It Was Really Like To See Back To The Future In 1985

  1. Ask me about any film from 1980 onwards, and I will tell you if I enjoyed it. I was born in April 1980. As for Back to the Future, it was amazing. The special effects were second to none, the story was brilliant, and the car was my high point. I was car mad as a kid. Still am. I'm sure you've heard enough older people say things aren't made the same today as they were back in their day. The truth is they're right. Films today are, for the most part, just eye candy. No substance, no originality. It's all remasters, sequels and nostalgia trips. This is because it's all about money. Investors want their return, so film makers need to guarantee that return with a safe bet. No risk taking, and a highly politically correct society makes it hard to take risks with media, especially comedy. As for the DeLorean, the story behind it, and it's creator John DeLorean, is a very interesting one to say the least. He built a car factory in the middle of two religions who were literally at war. Men from both sides worked in peace side by side in the DeLorean factory. That was no mean feat.

  2. I saw Back to the Future part 2 and 3 in the theater with my dad when I was ten.
    He loved the films more than I did at the time. The third film was the first
    one I liked. Mostly because of the train scene. Didn't really get into the Back to the Future trilogy until
    I was 17. When I was a kid, I liked Michael J. Fox for Family Ties.

  3. I saw it as more of a 50's nostalgia movie than a time travel movie. There were a ton of 50's and 60's nostalgia movies in the 80's. Being too young to get the references, I was kind of lost.

  4. In my opinion, Back To The Future is the most consistent movie trilogy, at least in terms of quality, which is ironic because it breaks the key rule of a trilogy of essentially doing the same story 3 times, yet it works given the motif of history repeating itself. Look at all of the elements that appeared in all 3 films: Marty saying "This is heavy" and Doc Brown saying "Great Scott," Marty hitting his head and waking up with a version of his mother taking care of him, Marty walking into a diner and encountering a Tannen as well as a Strickland, a chase scene in the town square and Marty almost crashing into a vehicle, a Tannen crashing into manure, a scene where a character wears a bullet proof vest, pictures/documents changing, Marty being called "chicken," and of course the entire clock tower scene all appear in each film.

  5. I saw all three movies in the theater, but my biggest memory is how, in 3, when Marty returns to 1985, it already felt like "the past" to me, particularly with Huey Lewis' hit from several years back playing.

  6. Saw it in the theater and got blown away with the great story and the ending: Roads? Where we going we don't need roads. Such a great movie 🙂

  7. My uncle told me that watching Jaws in the movie theater at the time of release was historical and Incredibly scary

  8. I think your wrong. I saw To Be Continued in the theater. Me and my Mom argued about it going to have a sequel. Mom said no it was a joke. Showed her!

  9. I'm a child of the 80's and I saw it with my Family. We went to the movies a lot back in those days because there were a lot of great movies back then and popcorn was cheaper too so was pop and Concession snacks. My favorite was Snickers, 3Musketeers, M&M's, Reese's Pieces, Reese's Peanut Butter Cups, Hershey's Chocolate Bar, and Molt Balls. I need a Time Mashine.

  10. I turned 18 in the summer of 85, my high school graduation ceremony took place around the same time as the movies debut. That was an epic summer for me!

  11. I remember being with my mom and she asked me if I wanted to see a movie with her. I said yes and we walked up to the outdoor counter and asked what was playing. There were several good movies out at the time but the guy told us about Back to the Future and recommended it to us. It was great seeing it in the theater. The only thing that made me mad was my dad took my sisters to go see it without me and I wanted to go see it again lol.

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