49 thoughts on “What Joaquin Phoenix Really Went Through To Play The Joker

  1. Hands down my favorite Joker Origin story. Ducking AWESOME! Joaquin deserves it.

  2. If Phoenix is going back as Joker, he can be in shape you know. When he became the Joker at the end of the movie, his confidence grew. Its like he is another person. I just want to see him again in another Joker movie. Hopefully with Batman in it.

  3. What I know about Phoenix is that he was the antagonist of Gladiator 2000 trying to get Maximus out of the picture, then he was Kenai from Brother Bear 2003 who was prejudiced towards bears until he was transformed into one to see what life is like from their view.
    You learn something new everyday, even when learning who played who you never thought of.

  4. Overrated overrated overrated overrated overrated. That’s what this movie was the most overrated film that I have ever seen. Heath ledger‘s joker would’ve kicked his sorry ass up off the top of a building laughed as he was going down splattering on the ground don’t even compare them. And did I mention this movie sucked

  5. He went through alot in life. Huge respect for him from the bottom of my heart. He's an amazing artist but before that he's an incredible human being.

  6. Doesn’t take an Oscar to acknowledge that Joaquin Phoenix is and has been one of the greats in the film industry.

  7. I work on film sets and to have actors like Joaquin change their diet and remain a good person. I know of allot of actors that get in shape for movies and turn into assholes, it’s an excuse for the actors IMO.

  8. He was not at all surprised nor happy to win the Oscar. He seemed happy and maybe surprised 😲 for every other award except the Oscar, ironically!

  9. He should always be this skinny. Yet he got not nearly as skinny as Christian in the machinist nor almost every female in every entitlement industry, including sports is forced and abused to be!

  10. I knew it! The role to play Joker is so tough that you cant just turn it off once youre done acting for the day. It’s such a toll that it had Heath kill himself! What a cursed character this is. No wonder he got the best actor award

  11. The movie was boring he killed his own mother the only person who cared about him the best part was at the end and only the end heath ledger was the joker he was always a step ahead of everybody and had you at the edge of your seat wondering what he is going to do next why so serious LOL

  12. Back when I saw The Dark Knight with Heath Ledger as Joker, I thought no one was ever gonna top that man's performance as Joker. And it was tough for me to put him over Jack Nicholson at that time, because that Batman movie from 1989 holds a special place in my heart. But the same way Heath Ledger surpassed Jack Nicholson as Joker, the same way Joaquin Phoenix surpassed Heath Ledger as Joker. And that my friends is a fact of life. Joaquin Phoenix will be known as The Real Joker for the rest of his life. He owned that role, won the trophies, and left an enormous amount of memories in the film industry, and in our hearts. The impact of Joaquin Phoenix as The Joker was too big. The movie is a classic for the ages. And it was absurd for the academy to give this movie, only 2 oscars out of 11 nominations, with the biggest robbery being "best picture." Fortunately, this movie was ahead of the BS, and won a more prestigious award these days: The Golden Lion for Best Film. The first "Rated R" movie in the history of movies to make one billion dollars at the box office, and cross that mark. Awesome!

  13. Joaquin Phoenix is one of the best things to happen to pop culture in the last few years. I’m so glad someone who cares about the planet and animals is apart of a huge franchise and using his platform constantly to speak up for those who can’t speak up for themselves

  14. You guys are gonna make looper videos about joker until endtimes huh. I don’t mind I loved the movie. But in the words of JP, “it’s just like, packing peanuts.”

  15. Joaquin's Joker wasn't the 2 steps ahead tactician that grinds Batmam's gears nor do I believe that this version could become the iconic, cerebral, and strategic villain. Heath Ledger wins.

  16. If it wasn't for his great performance as the Joker the movie would of flopped so hard. This movie's success proves you can shit all over the source material all you want just as long as your main actor does a great job you can't fail.

  17. I predicted Joaquin would win the Oscar after watching the first 20 minutes of the movie back in October. I had to wait 4 long months to find out if my prediction was right. It was. Very well deserved Joaquin.

  18. Looper…he deserved Oscar for this. But watch You were never really here and you can see why he got it. But film was dark and prepared him for Joker role

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