46 thoughts on “What Rotten Tomatoes Reviews Are Saying About Sonic The Hedgehog

  1. The same thing is happening to Star Trek in a much more agonizing way but there is no hope. The "New" Kelvin timeline, Discovery and Picard Star Trek shows tried to save a buck by not paying the price to license the real Star Trek look and feel. No one is buying the merchandise. Long time Fans have stopped caring or watching and new ones are fewer. Seth McFarland may be buying the franchise but this has been described as rumor and bull.

  2. I don’t trust critics at all, just look how they tried to ruin the joker before it even came out. It’s now my favorite movie smh

  3. Critics are human and thus cant be truly objective. They cant give sonic a fair rating If they don't enjoy the genre personally.

  4. Don’t care what critics think of it i’m going to see it no matter what because for once a studio actually listened to the fans ❤️

  5. The salt must be pouring out of the negative reviewers that they are not apart of the majority of positivity (but continue to nitpick while sonic makes off with your rings)

  6. I actually got to see the movie early and I have to say this is way better than Pokemon: Detective Pikachu. Honestly it's a 7.8 out of 10.

  7. I saw the movie yesterday, and it's a great family-friendly adventure, with a feeling of a 90s comedy movie.
    It's not the movie of the year, but no movie's perfect, right ? Sonic is adorable and sweet, and the rest of the cast does a great job — Jim Carrey kills it with an awesome performance.

    In the end this movie might not be perfect, but it's definetely one of the best game adaptation with Detective Pikachu. Critics claiming that the movie is "cheezy" don't understand one thing : The movie never claimed to be anything else but that, a sweet and family friendly adventure that'll entertain kids, who are the main target audience for this movie.

    PS: Be sure to stay after the credits. 😉

  8. They could’ve made a movie without all the annoying human characters
    Jim Carrey was cool
    But the whole human and alien/creature buddy thing is kinda cheesy now

    The visuals were decent
    But idk why they couldn’t have tails or knuckles in the rest of the movie

    The beginning in Sonics world was amazing .. I wanted more of that
    Robotnic in both modes were cool!

  9. I fell asleep in the beginning
    some of the action was cool and there’s a bar scene that ended up being cool

    The sequel might be better
    I think if we got a scene like the battle from sonic adventure 2 CITY ESCAPE .. thatd be cool and with that song

  10. Critics' opinions often differ from audience opinions, so… I'll wait a while for everybody to react before I try watching it. I already don't like it, just watching the trailers.

  11. I will go see Sonic the hedgehog, this weekend, it looks funny and cool, and I'm a fan of Jim Carrey.

    I can't careless of Birds of prey, because of my big Male toxicity and patriarchy… 😆

  12. I mean at this point can we even take rotten tomatoes seriously is love if they would shut down nothing to do with this movie regardless of good or bad it's just rotten tomatoes is trash

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