37 thoughts on “Why Batman’s New Costume Could Be Made From A Gun

  1. There was a comic where he purchase the gun that killed his parents, the melts it down to a pice of armor that protects is heart in an ultimate act of justice

  2. Those are knives in his chest that grate-looking part with the holes is the part of the blade that Clips to your pocket if you wear it that way LOL

  3. The reveal suprised me, never liked any robert pattinson in anything but he looks great in that suit, as long as it doesnt make him look as lanky as he really is

  4. Ok .. the Suite isn't bad .. but Pattinson jaw is too weak to be batman .. maybe I'm being biased here because I can't really shake his image from that Twilight movie ..

  5. Oh yes, because everyone wants a sequel to that "twilight franchise". Now the sparkly homosexual vampire sees himself in a heavily armored leather jumpsuit.

  6. I going be honest batman, superman n especially spiderman dont need no more reboots. how many times we going rewatch these reboots

  7. If the info on Batman's chess pieces Billy the gun that killed his parents is legit then I think this is going to be one of the best bad suits ever. Really creative idea.

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