41 thoughts on “Why Isn't Bam Margera In The New Jackass Trailer?

  1. cause he's bam magera and he can do what he wants….which turned out to be a bloated drunk and drug addict that abused his parents

  2. Everybody already knows why he isn't but I'm here wondering why there is Machine Gun Kelly and Eric Andre and not guys like Dudesons and Travis Pastrana for example. Yeah you're old and cannot go as hard but it looks atleast right now to me just sad that it's fixed with celebs and not with something more interesting if friendship is the theme of it.

  3. Quick answer…because he wasn't in the movie. There saved you 3 mins. Still having problems with mental health and alcoholism.

  4. I used to be the biggest Bam Margera fan. I followed him and his wife on Instagram and it was clear he was spiraling and kind of not taking accountability. I wish the best for him and his family, his kid is absolutely adorable ❤

  5. Not particularly sorry to say (albeit sympathetic) but drugs and alcohol played a primarily elemental role in the manifested television show / movie series that we all know and love as Jackass. So 💥

  6. Thrasher just released some clips of bam skating with Cole and Roy. Hopefully he sticks with it this time.

  7. Come on Bam is a complete joke…much like the entire Jackass franchise come to think about it

  8. I'm actually happy he won't be in it. He is such a spoilt child. He can dish it out but cries like a baby when they give it back. Good riddance.

  9. Drug addiction just sucks for the addict and anyone they love, doesnt help bam is bipolar manic and its makes it that much harder to treat medically and deal with as family and friends. Wish him the best but the dude needs to get help and till we gives into treatment he wont get better

  10. It’s sad that Bam has so many people who are on his side and he does not realize that. When he took to social media pleading with fans to not watch the movie, I know a lot of us still indebted to watch it. We are still rooting for him to get better. It’s hard with his best friend dying almost ten years ago.

  11. The greatest thing would be if he’s actually in it… and Bams mental health/ addiction crisis has been a prolonged skit just to fool us all

  12. I lost respect for him once he threatened Jeff's wife and kids. And even more when he was relying on Ryan Dunn's death as a form of excuse. He legitimately needs to grow up!

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