26 thoughts on “Why Triss Merigold From The Witcher Looks So Familiar

  1. I didn’t even realize she was triss until one of the final episodes. She looks nothing like her video game counterpart

  2. Triss is horribly miscast not because of her looks—I know Netflix is too "diverse" to cast a redhead in the role—but because she just doesn't bring life to the character.

  3. I really like her. Yeah, yeah, she doesn't look like you'd imagine her because you are so used to seeing her in the games (and Triss in the game is a knockout). She also doesn't have fiery red hair in the books (chestnut – to me a reddish brown?) and Netflix introduced her character out of the story arc improperly. However I think come season 2 onward she will stand out more.

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