30 thoughts on “Why We Haven't Seen Keanu Reeves In The MCU Yet

  1. pleaseeee find a way to put him in the mcu without costing the john wick movies, imagine him as doctor doom or wolverine

  2. Marvel Comics need to create the character Baba Yega. Then add that story to the MCU. Then get Keanu Reeves to play that role!

  3. Love this video ! He really is a superhero in real life ! In movies, he is "John Wick" and will always be loved the most in this role along with "Neo" in the "Matrix" trilogy !! However, I would love to see him play "John Constantine" again or "Wolverine", one of his favorite charactors since childhood !

  4. Lol that's like asking why we haven't seen many actors in the MCU what makes him so special? Besides the internet and memes 👁️👁️. Really now.

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