29 thoughts on “Wild Elephant CRUSHES Passing Car on Mountain Road in Thailand

  1. Can't believe the driver was so stupid. Driver had several opportunities to drive away, either in reverse or forward. Obviously the occupants of the car wanted to take a photo of the elephant up close and personal.

  2. Would this be considered the opposite of harrassing the wildlife?😂🐘 can you imagine trying to explain this to your insurance co? 😂

  3. I don't sympathize with the idiot that didn't just drive off to begin with and let his car get crushed . He's lucky he didn't get crushed.

  4. The car was not crushed and you can tell it was not an aggressive act by its body language. It kind of looks like the elephant was just having a good scratch.

  5. The elephant said, " My road, you're in my way, let's see how good your car is. " Toyota's aren't made to withstand an elephant.

  6. Well that was seriously just stupid to sit there and let the elephant do that. The car had plenty of chances to either back up or speed away.

  7. Почему он сразу не уехал?Наверное поснимать поближе решил😱.Слоник просто почесался.

  8. "Fifi le Car" don't like getting dry humped.
    Drives away. Luckily elephants are only good for a gallon or so.
    "Take a Shower!"

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